Humanities studies aim to foster an appreciation for the role of humans in the world in which we live.


Studies in this area focus on developing knowledge of the historical, current and potential part people play in the environment, economy and in society in general.

These studies broadly cover a range of social, environmental, political, legal and economic systems with consideration for the personal, local, national and global perspective.

Studies in this area promote life-long learning and encourage students to develop key 21st century skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, research, analysis and communication skills, which will better enable them to be active, adaptable, respectful and informed citizens.


Subjects offered in Humanities

Accounting is a VCE study which investigates the process of recording financial data and the reporting, analysing and interpreting of accounting information for the purpose of communication and decision-making.

Business Management is a VCE study that examines, through the use of management theory and practical examples, a wide variety of business organisations and the people, systems and processes used to manage resources in a way that allows the organisation to achieve its objective.

Business Studies is an elective offered at Year 10 which aims to broaden students understanding of economic and business concepts with a focus on the personal and national context.

Civics and Citizenship is studied at Year 9 and Year 10. It is focused on individual pathways and workforce participation, Australia’s political system and legal system, and Australia’s roles and responsibilities within an international context.

Economics is compulsory for students in Year 9 and involves studying the concept of ‘economy’ as a complex system to allocate resources, its participants and Australia’s role in the global economy.

Geography is compulsory for students in Year 7 to Year 9. The focus is on developing geographical skills and knowledge, in particular of the earth, its features and resources, and the interconnections between people and place.

History is compulsory for students in Year 7 to Year 9 and is an elective for students at Year 10 and VCE. The focus is on developing historical skills and knowledge of key people and events for a particular period from the past.

Legal Studies is a VCE study which investigates law-making and dispute resolution processes as well as the ways in which the law and the legal system relate to individuals and the Australian community.

Philosophy is a VCE study concerned with thinking rigorously and rationally about some of the most enduring and influential ideas, their meaning, context, coherence and implications.