Advice to assist students with Examination Preparation

29 April 2016 | General Interest


Examinations will be held in June. Good preparation is the key. 

  • It is essential that students organise a study timetable which balances study with sport, part time work, recreation and sleep. 
  • It is also important to choose a suitable place to study, preferably quiet and away from distractions. 
  • Students should ensure that they know what topics and what styles of questions will be included in the examinations and ask their teachers for a summary list of topics. 
  • Teachers may also provide past exam papers for revision – ask about this.
  • Effective revision and preparation must be active so students should do things such as write, solve maths problems and summarise rather than simply read. 
  • One way to study effectively is to tell someone about what is being studied as explaining concepts will clearly show understanding.
  • Small study groups are helpful too. 

Any potential stress or anxiety leading up to examinations will be reduced considerably if students take note of this advice. There are also some useful resources available in Blackboard in Parent/Student Information - Examinations

Semester One Examinations

All Year Levels will receive an email early in this coming week with two attachments 

The Semester One Examinations Timetables 
The Semester One Examinations Overview and Guidelines for Students and Parents

It is most important that students read these timetables and the examination rules, procedures and conditions carefully. Penalties will apply for any breaches of rules. Examinations are not able to be rescheduled for any student who is absent on the date of the examination. 

The Examination Schedule varies depending on year level as stated below. 


Examination Dates for     Semester One   


Year 12              June 2 to June 9   VCE Unit 3 Studies and the GAT   
Year 11   June 2   to  June 9      VCE Unit 1 Studies and the GAT          (accelerated students)
Year 10   June 2    to June 9     All Subjects except History and Health
Year 9   June 6   to  June 9    Mathematics and English Only.
  Numeracy and Literacy On Demand Tests
Year 8   June 6 and June 7   Numeracy and Literacy On Demand Tests
Year 7   June 6 and June 7   Numeracy and Literacy On Demand Tests

Please direct examination enquiries to the Academic Office.

Mrs Marian Kee | Deputy Principal - Learning